Domains of Thriving



An interest and knowledge of one’s own abilities and challenges. 

Responsibility: An ability to be counted on and to keep one’s commitments and promises. Empathy: Recognition of others’ feelings and experiences

Key Stats


 students reported positive change in Empathy


students reported positive change in Self-Awareness


students reported positive change in Responsibility

What we teach on course

Empathy + Self Awareness:
By recognizing their thoughts and emotions, they are able to understand and connect their actions and perceptions of situations, their teams, and their communities to establish self-awareness. By providing them with time and space for introspection and outside input they gain personal awareness of their own thoughts, emotions and actions. Students respond to questions that help them make meaningful connections between their personal realizations, their experience within the group, and their role in their families and communities to understand personal relevance. 

What we teach on course

By considering the perspectives of their peers and staff members and attending to the needs of others, their larger community, and the environment, they learn responsibility. Stepping into different roles requiring new skills, teaches them to take accountability. Listening to other viewpoints allows students to consider and gain perspective during this exercise. We unite the students through their goals, resources, or tasks teaching them the value of interdependence.

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