What are Outward Bound’s Domains of Thriving? (DoT)

Outward Bound’s DoT tool focuses on the student-centered social & emotional outcomes (inner colored circles) and and conditions for learning (outer grey circles) that create the healthy, balanced environment students need to learn.

At HIOBS we strive to improve and strengthen students’ learning interest, group relationships, and perseverance. Our Domains of Thriving (DoT) framework and tool combines our six decades of experience facilitating life-changing experiences with modern research and insights on social emotional development and resiliency. The tool is based on the Clover Model, developed by Dr. Gil Noam and the Partnerships for Education and Resilience (PEAR).

Percent of students reporting positive change using the OBOS (2019, n=494)

In addition to providing a framework for social-emotional development, the Domains of Thriving defines Outward Bound’s Conditions for Learning.  These conditions are the “how” of what happens in the field: Structure, Progression, Staff and Student Relationships, and Exploration.

The DoT highlights the four areas of human development that are impacted during an Outward Bound course:

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Permission to use the Outward Bound Outcomes Survey (OBOS) was obtained from PEAR.

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