Domains of Thriving



Group Relationships:
A commitment to a group demonstrated by care of others and a sense of belonging. 

Teamwork: The ability and desire to work with others to achieve a common goal.

Key Stats


students reported positive change in Group Relationship skills


students reported positive change in Teamwork skills

What we teach on course

Group Relationships:
Group members enjoy discovering their common interests as they establish connections and create strong group relationships. Peers share their unique talents, interests, and experiences to understand the contributions and value in each other. These common goals, values, and moments motivate and unite their cohesion.

What we teach on course

Students communicate, within the allotted time and structure of the activities, to conquer challenges, devise a shared plan, and learn effective teamwork tactics. Familiar routines, appropriate tools, and successful collaboration allow the group to effectively plan and problem-solve as they work through real and simulated problems.

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